About Super Short Stories


Short stories are like sketches to me. There is much that is not said, yet they can conjure up an entire world. The details, sometimes even the essence, are left to the reader to draw in.

A few years ago I started writing haiku, a form of storytelling that observes the daily, the mundane, and in that simplicity often becomes timeless.  Haiku does not need a lot of explanation or intellectualising. It’s a thought, a feeling, a small story in, usually, 17 syllables. The ultimate sketch.

On this website you’ll find very short stories in a free-er format, of different lengths, although I’d be surprised if there won’t be a haiku strewn in here or there.



P.S. De sketch above is called “Beautiful Rain” and is by Minoura Kentaro, a Japanese painter born in 1978.

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